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Part 1: Towards the 21st Century
Chapter 3: The Relationship Between Science and Technology and Society in the 21st Century
Section 3: Restoring Trust in Science and Technology
1. Thorough Implementation of Ethics and Heightening the Awareness of Social Responsibility of People Involved in Science and Technology

Although the majority of researchers have an awareness of responsibility with regard to their research results, more than 10% of researchers think that even if their research results have a negative impact in the world, that is the responsibility of users ( Fig. 16 ).

Fig. 16: Researchers' Awareness of Social Responsibility to their Research Results

Since science and technology is a social action, and in addition to the fact that it has a great impact on all aspects of social life, it receives public support from the nation and society, at first it is necessary to uplift the awareness of social responsibility among researchers.

It is necessary for each researcher to thoroughly think of the impact on society with regard to one's activities, and the duty to society with regard to one's research results, and to work towards the thorough implementation of ethics and awareness of responsibility to society.

People involved in science and technology also have a responsibility to explain to the public, and they will be called upon to address society from now on. It is required for scientists and engineers that science and technology creates knowledge which forms the base of the development of society, and that they explain the impact it will have on society, and deepen common understanding through discussions with society.

When doing so, it is important to deepen the awareness of the social significance and role of their research activities rather than adopting the passive stance of fulfilling the role of explaining to society. It is also important to tackle the situation with a positive attitude that it is possible to incorporate the demands of society in one's research, and that it is possible to obtain stimulation and suggestions for development of future research.

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