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Part 1: Towards the 21st Century
Chapter 2: Science and Technology's Contribution to Human Society in the 20th century and Issues to be Addressed in the Future
Section 2: The Current Situation of Understanding Among the Public About Science and Technology
2. Current State of Initiatives to Deepen Public Understanding of Science and Technology

Activities concerning science and technology are by their nature highly transparent to society. But they appear to be closed off to the outside world since they are highly specialized, and have some aspects in which they involve logic and information that can only be understood by concerned parties.

Therefore, science and technology society must always have that awareness, work to ensuring its transparency, and work to filling the divide with society.

(1) Development in Disclosure of Science and Technology Information

The results of science and technology are being publicized widely as theses and patent information, etc. In terms of science and technology administration, information is already widely publicized, in such ways as the disclosure of deliberations of review boards, and the disclosure of minutes of meetings.

We are approaching the stage where this information is distributed widely and fast to the general public through the Internet, and the public opinions are invited through the Internet.

(2) Disclosure of Information About Nuclear Power Administration and Promotion of Public Participation

The Atomic Energy Commission of Japan and the Nuclear Safety Commission disclose the deliberations of subcommittees, disclose draft reports and are working to invite opinions from the general public.

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