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Chapter 3. For the Protection and Utilization of Cultural Properties
� 1 Systems for the Protection and Utilization of Cultural Properties
1. Systems for the Protection and Utilization of Cultural Properties
(3) Designation and selection of cultural properties

The basic policy principle of the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties is that the Minister of Education, Science and Culture designates, selects and protects important properties. These measures are taken according to the recommendations of the Council for the Protection of Cultural Properties, which was instituted within the Agency for Cultural Affairs to investigate and deliberate on important matters concerning the preservation and utilization of cultural properties.

The number of cultural properties that have been designated as such by the government as of July 1, 1993 are shown in Table I-3-l. These numbers have been increasing steadily as a result of progress in the area of scientific investigation.

Certain restrictions are placed on designated cultural properties in order to maintain their value; permission is required to make any alterations in the present state of designated cultural properties, and their exportation is prohibited. On the other hand, government subsidies are available for their custody, repair or public exhibition.

Table l-3-1 Number of Cultural Properties Designated by the National Government (July 1. 1993)

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