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On the number of Japanese citizens studying abroad, the number of international students enrolled at Japanese universities, etc.

January 20, 2012

  1. According to statistics provided by the OECD and other institutions, MEXT has summarized the number of Japanese citizens studying abroad in 2009 academic year.
  2. In addition, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) has conducted a survey on the number of international students enrolled at Japanese universities for 2011.
  3. Furthermore, MEXT has also conducted a survey on the number of international students having started their study in Japan in October 2011.

(For details of the above, please refer to the attachment). 

With today’s increasing trend towards globalization, education and research, promoting the internationalization of students, and fostering individuals who will be active in the global community are matters of great importance for Japan. Until now, MEXT has tied up with other ministries to promote student exchange through its “Japanese Government Scholarship” and “Project for Establishing University Network for Internationalization”. In order to further assist student exchange as well as promote the globalization of Japanese universities, MEXT has added the following programs for FY2012 budget: “Global human resources fostering promotion project - Global30 Plus” which aims to advance the restructuring of universities so that students become more internationalized, and programs which aims to boost the number of students dispatched for a short or long term to foreign universities.

Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake, furthermore, information provided on the current situation of our country is not always accurate. As such, an increasing number of countries appear to be anxious about sending their students abroad to study in Japan. In light of this situation, the third supplementary budget for FY2011 has added the “Japan Study Program”, which invites students who are considering studying in Japan. The program aims to deepen understanding on the current situation and on-going reconstruction in eastern Japan. MEXT will arrange lectures delivered by universities in the Tokyo and Tohoku regions, exchange events with Japanese students and visits to the disaster-affected areas.

Office for Student Exchange, Student Support and Exchange Division, Higher Education Bureau
Telephone: 03-5253-4111 (ext. 3359, 3360)

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