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Fellowship by Government of Brazil(Science without Borders)

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Science without Borders (Post Doctoral Researchers)

 Science without Borders (Post Doctoral Researchers) is a scholarship program for Brazilian Doctoral Researchers wishing to conduct research abroad funded by the Brazilian government. The main goal of Science without Borders is to promote the consolidation and expansion of science, technology and innovation in Brazil by means of international exchange and mobility.

 MEXT is collaborating with the CAPES and CNPq in the Science without Boarders by providing Brazilian post doctoral researchers wishing to go to Japan with necessary information. On this website, interested post doctoral researchers in Brazil can search for Japanese universities and research institutes which may accept them.

1. List of Interested Universities and Research Institutes

In Science without Borders (Post Doctoral Researchers), acceptance of a University / research institute abroad is a prerequisite for application of scholarship. The following is the list of Japanese universities and research institutes which are interested in accepting Brazilian post doctoral researchers. If you are Brazilian post doctoral researchers, and are interested in conducting research in Japan, please refer to this list to find your supervisor in Japan and get a prior approval of acceptance. Please note that it is also possible to get a prior approval from universities/research institutes other than the ones in the list.

2. Useful Links

-ReaD & Researchmap

(Database of Japanese researchers. You can search by name, affiliation or key words.)


-Links to Japanese universities

(within the website of Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO))


3. Links to related organizations.

Program Portal in Brazil

 -Science Without Borders (English and Portuguese)

Brazilian Partners

-CAPES (Portuguese)

-CNPq (Portuguese)


(International Science and Technology Affairs Division, Science and Technology Policy Bureau)

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