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Science and Technology Policies

 For a resource-limited Japan to maintain its international competitiveness and realize a vigorous society and economy, it is important that it leads the world in science and technology (S&T) capabilities.

 Even in the New Growth Strategy (Basic Policies) approved by Cabinet decision in December 2009, the importance of S&T has been afforded a renewed recognition. As one of the “Platforms to Support Growth,” the “Science-and-technology-oriented nation strategy” offered two further strategies for “Growth Driven by Japan’s Strengths,” namely the “Strategy for becoming an environment and energy power through green innovation,” and the “health power strategy through life innovation.”

 Japan’s S&T administration operates under the basic policies of the Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP) chaired by the Prime Minister, and works to promote S&T in coordination with related ministries. MEXT plans and formulates basic policies concerning S&T policy, produces concrete plans concerning promotion and research and development (R&D), and coordinates with related government agencies in relation to promotion and S&T.

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(Science and Technology Policy Bureau)

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