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Quality Assurance Framework of Higher Education in Japan

1. Outline

  In Japan, the quality assurance framework consists of the Standards for Establishing University (SEU), the establishment-approval system (EAS) and the Quality Assurance and Accreditation System (QAAS).

  The framework has both the advantage of the prior regulations that assure proper quality in advance, and the checking afterwards that assure quality constantly, while respecting the diversity of universities. Thus, it has been assumed that this combination of systems is the most effective and efficient for quality assurance.

  With regard to the three-fold quality assurance framework comprised of SEU, EAS, and QAAS, new issues have arisen, and the government assumes that it is necessary to examine the role and relationship of these systems, thereby improving their application and enhancing the quality assurance mechanism on the whole.

  For details, Please see the brochure about Quality Assurance Framework in Japan.

2. Establishment-approval system


Higher Education Policy Planning Division, Higher Education Bureau

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(Higher Education Policy Planning Division, Higher Education Bureau)

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