This program, a first of its kind at MEXT, aims for children to learn about how the school curriculum is decided. The students in 4th to 6th grade, spend a period of three days to interview MEXT employees, summarize their findings and present their results in front of the MEXT Minister and their parents.

The latest 2016 revision to the Courses of Study, revised once every decade, will be fully implemented from 2020. The revisions include implementing English language activities in 3rd and 4th grade, and adding English language as a subject in 5th and 6th grade. Programming education will also begin from elementary school.
This program aims to inspire children’s interest in how the school education curriculum is decided by interviewing MEXT staff who are directly involved in determining the contents of the Courses of Study.

The students must decide on a theme over a period of three days. University interns working at MEXT help children with their investigation.

One Day 1, the students compared the time tables of 6th graders today, versus those in 1993. They focused on the differences, jotting down questions to use for their interviews.

The students first receive advice by professional reporters on the skills necessary when conducting an interview. The groups then interview MEXT staff including people in charge of deciding the contents of the Courses of Study, English language and Moral education.

The students have heated discussions and prepare for their presentations on the final day of the program.