With regards to the Cabinet Decision of April 14, 2017 as a response to a written question by a member of the Diet, during the regular press conference by the Chinese Foreign Ministry held on April 18, comments were made by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson based on misunderstanding as if the Government of Japan has selected to use “Mein Kampf” authored by Adolf Hitler as educational materials in school education. In order to set right the comments which were made without any confirmation of facts, we would like to explain the position of the Government of Japan as below:

In Japan, educational activities have been conducted consistent with the principle that there shall never be racial discrimination whatsoever, based on basic principles such as respect for fundamental human rights and prohibition of discrimination stipulated in the Constitution of Japan, as well as based on the Basic Act on Education.

When parts of “Mein Kampf” are quoted in our school education, it is obviously used in a negative context, as part of learning to never again cause such tragic war by critically reflecting Nazi rule. Such education adheres to the purport of the Constitution and the Basic Act on Education among others, and they are conducted in order to fulfil fundamental values such as respect for fundamental human rights stipulated in the Constitution.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will continue to uphold this position and will continue to make efforts to improve education in order to firmly engrave in our consciousness that racial discrimination will never be tolerated.

April 24, 2017
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology


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