April 26, 2016

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) plays a central role of create science, technology and innovation policies and has responsibility for National Research and Development Agencies(NRDA) and universities who play a vital role to develop human resources and education.
MEXT hereby announces “the Plan for Creation of Future Society by Science, Technology and Innovation” which outlines issues to be addressed in the mid-term in addition to implementation measures in the short-term.

1.Three main abilities defined in MEXT’s Science, Technology and Innovation policy

1.Fundamental ability:Ability to correspond flexibly and accurately during revolutionary times (outstanding knowledge in multiple areas of human resources, facilities, equipment, information infrastructure, and so on)

2.Ability to co-create: An environment which enables multiple parties under the leadership of NRDAs to create innovation

3.Ability to correspond:The insight to immediately discern multiple issues both inside and outside Japan deemed necessary to protect a people’s safety and security and the ability to develop technology to drive the nation’s growth

2.Vital policy issues to be addressed in FY2017

As global competition intensifies, towards surviving the 4th industrial revolution, achieving a 1 percent research and development target compared to the nation’s GDP, equivalent to 26 trillion yen in the total amount invested in government research and development for realizing the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, and realizing a strong economy, MEXT will strengthen the following items as an emergency countermeasure

1.Secure foundational expenses to certainly implement NRDA’s mission

2.Secure foundational expenses for national university corporations to create sustainable results for innovation activities.

3.Strengthen initiatives and promote challenging and progressive research and development led by the Designated National Research and Development Agencies related to the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), nanotechnology and materials.

4.Advance measures to create, cultivate and utilize human resources which survive and support the 4th Industrial Revolution.

(Policy Division , Minister's Secretariat)