1. Outline of Japan Heritage

(1)Designating narratives which describe Japan’s unique culture and traditions

 The Agency for Cultural Affairs designates Japan Heritage narratives which describe
 Japan’s culture and tradition based on unique regional histories and traditions.

 The Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Japan Heritage aims to promote our unique cultural traditions by encouraging communities to take leadership to comprehensively organize and utilize various exceptional tangible and intangible cultural properties necessary for telling their stories. Japan  Heritage also aims and to revitalize regional economies by strategically promoting the narratives pertaining to cultural properties within Japan and abroad.

2. Differences between Japan Heritage versus World Heritage/Designated Cultural Properties

 World Heritage sites and designated cultural properties aim to protect and secure sites and properties by giving them value. Japan Heritage, on the other hand, does not aim to create new regulations to value and preserve current properties, but intends to utilize heritage scattered throughout the area by linking each narrative, region and cultural property to promote Japan Heritage and revitalize regional economies.

3. Effects of receiving Japan Heritage Designation

 Once a site receives Japan Heritage designation, it will increase recognition of the region. Advancing various measures through Japan Heritage will also boost community residents’ sense of identity, promote local branding and greatly contribute to regional revitalization.

4.Sites awarded Japan Heritage Designation(Link to Japanese Page)

(Monuments and Sites Division,Agency for Cultural Affairs)