MEXT has conducted its first nationwide survey to clarify the correlation between sleep and other daily habits with children’s independence and mental/physical well-being.

1.Survey Outline

 A sample of 100 public schools selected for each grade between the fifth year of elementary school and third year of high school (1 class per school, a total of 800 classes).

 Responses were collected from 771 out of 800 schools (96.4% response rate). 23,139 valid responses were received.
 Breakdown: elementary schools: 195 (97.5% response rate), junior high schools: 281 (93.7% response rate), high schools: 295 (98.3% response rate)

(2)Survey period: November, 2014

 Conducted using a multiple-choice questionnaire of 35 questions covering the topic related to sleep, breakfast, interaction with information devices, independence, mental/physical well-being.

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(Office for the Support of Education at Home, Gender Equality Learning Division, Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau)