The International Science Olympiads (ISO), also known as the Knowledge Olympics are a group of international competitions in the fields of science and technology. The competitions are participated by the students of the world in the secondary school (which is equivalent to senior high school in Japan)

 The ISO are held in the subject areas including mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, biology, geography and earth science.

 The ISO is held annually, hosted in turn by participating countries. It aims to select the best and brightest students in science, give them the opportunity to develop their talents and deepen international exchange and understanding between nations.

 MEXT, through the Japan Science and Technology Agency, has been participating in ISO competitions since 2004. In addition, MEXT also assists the executing organization upon participating in the competitions, in selecting students from Japan and upon hosting an ISO in Japan.

Results from 2015 ISO

(Science and Technology Policy Bureau,Knowledge Infrastructure Policy Division)