Since 2003, the Agency for Cultural Affairs has been appointing people committed to cultural activities such as artists, cultured people, and or researchers as “Japan Cultural Envoys”. This undertaking aims to deepen the international community’s understanding of Japanese culture and to build and strengthen cultural networks between Japanese and foreign peopleactive in the cultural arena.As per attached documents, 1 group (comprised of 3 members), and 5 people have been chosen as cultural envoys of international dispatch type, and 3 groups have been chosen as cultural envoys on short-term appointments.A nomination ceremony for the new envoys will be held accordingly at the Tokai University Club on July 28, 2011 starting from 11:00 AM in which the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs, Seiichi Kondo will personally deliver the nominations.

Notification of Appointment of Japan Cultural Envoys and Nomination Ceremony

1.  Scheduled Nominees / Groups, Country to be Dispatched, Term of Dispatch (Schedule)

Cultural Envoys of International Dispatch Type

AUN (Traditional Japanese Instrument Performance Group)

To be dispatched to Thailand and neighboring countries from Dec. 2011 – Feb. 2012

  • Ryohei Inoue    (Wadaiko (Japanese Drum), Shamisen (Three-stringed Japanese instrument))
  • Kohei Inoue (Wadaiko, Shamisen, Fue (Japanese Flute))
  • Hideyuki Saito  (Chappa (Japanese  cymbal))

Tousen Usuda (Japanese Calligrapher, Kokuji artisan)

To be dispatched to Israel from Nov. 2011 – Dec. 2011

Yukitsuna Sasaki (Poet)

To be dispatched to Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Belgium and other countries from Dec. 2011 – Feb. 2012.

Chiharu Shiota (Contemporary  Art Artist)

To be dispatched to Australia from Jan. 2012 – Feb. 2012.

Manjiro Tatsumi (Noh Performer)

To be dispatched to Korea from Dec. 2011 – Mar. 2012.

Hisako Tokitomo (Dyeing Artisan)

To be dispatched to Estonia from Oct. 2011 – Nov. 2011.

Cultural Envoys on Short-term Appointments

Koden-no-kai    (Performance title: Sujyoururi---“Power of Japanese Traditional Vocal Music (Music of BUNRAKU)” (tentative title))

To be dispatched to Germany and other countries in Sept. 2012

Execution Committee for Music From Japan  (Performance title: “Music From Japan”, 2012 Music Festival)

To be dispatched to US in Feb. 2012.

Non-Profit Organization: ACT.JT  (Performance title: “Manzairaku 2012”, Performance in USA.)

To be dispatched to US in Mar. 2012.



Commissioner’s Secretariat for Cultural Affairs, International Affairs Division

Manager: Toru Sato (Extension 2845) , KojiKitayama (Extension 3153)
  • 03-5253-4111 (Reception)
  • 03-6734-3110 (Direct)
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