MEXT announcement of the Secondary Guideline of Measures for Promoting Graduate School Education (Official announcement by MEXT Minister on August 5, 2011)

1.  Summary

Based on the 2 Central Education Council Reports: (1) “Graduate School Education in a Globalizing Society – To enable graduate school graduates  play an active part in various areas” (published in January, 2011) (2) “Graduate School Education in the New Era – Towards setting up a Japanese graduate school system that is internationally attractive” (published in September, 2005), MEXT has drawn up the  Secondary Guideline of Measures for Promoting Graduate School Education. Upon meeting the various functions and characteristics of graduate school courses, and from the viewpoint of striving towards strengthening and enriching graduate school education, the initiative aims to clarify a path towards reform for the graduate school, and to define the priority measures that need to be addressed by MEXT without delay, and finally, to assist universities to develop systematic and centralized procedures. The details are as per attachments.

2.  Implementation Period

For a period of 5 years from 2011~2015.


University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau

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(University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau)