November 29th Press Conference Opening statement
      by MEXT Minister Masaharu Nakagawa

I’d like to report today on the UNESCO International Conference of States to Examine and Adopt Amendments to the 1983 Regional Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees in Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific. Discussions on amendments to the Regional Convention have been proceeding for sometime. As continued discussions were
held for a period of two days in Tokyo, we ultimately came to adopt amendments to the Convention at the end of last week. Following Japan’s ratification, there will be an increased exchange between universities, as well as developments towards creating strategies to enhance the development of quality assurance in Higher Education.
Although it took a while for Japan to ratify the Regional Convention, along with the Japan-China-Korea Campus Asia University Exchange project which is currently underway, ratification of this treaty will eventually stimulate a movement towards implementing quality assured educational exchange between universities on a wider scale, including the entire Asia Pacific Region.