Comments by the MEXT Minister
December 12, 2011

Today, the H-ⅡA Launch Vehicle No. 20 was launched, and it has been confirmed that the Information Gathering Satellite-Radar 3 was injected into its preordained orbit. We hope that the operation will go smoothly and the intended objectives of the information gathering will be achieved.
14 consecutive successful launches of the H-ⅡA Launch Vehicle demonstrates that the Japanese main launch vehicle is making steady progress towards attaining the world’s highest level of reliability.
MEXT will provide the necessary environment and resources to realize that the Japanese main launch
vehicle will be active in the international market and support space development and utilization which
improves peoples lives, contributes to the international community, and realizes the dreams of humankind.

December 12, 2011
MEXT Minister
Masaharu Nakagawa