Notification on Appointment of Japan Cultural Envoys for FY2013
‐Nomination Ceremony for the newly appointed Japan Cultural Envoys held at the National Art Center on May 22‐

Press Release
May 22, 2013

Since 2003, the Agency for Cultural Affairs has been appointing people committed to cultural activities such as artists, cultural specialists and so on, as “Japan Cultural Envoys”. This undertaking aims to deepen the international community’s understanding of Japanese culture and to build and strengthen networks between Japanese and foreign artists and experts.
Eight new artists and cultural specialists have been appointed as international dispatch Japan cultural envoys for FY2013.

Scheduled Nominees, Country to be Dispatched, Term of Dispatch (Schedule)

Cultural Envoys of International Dispatch Type

Souun Takeda(Kanji Artist)

To be dispatched to Vietnam, Indonesia end of July 2013 - end of Aug. 2013

Souun Takeda - Kanji Artist : Japan Cultural Envoy of the Agency of Cultural Affairs for FY2013

Novmichi Tosa (President of art unit, Maywa Denki) (Artist)

To be dispatched to France from June 2013 - mid July 2013

Novumichi Tosa, Maywa Denki:Japan Cultural Envoy for FY2013

Syuhei Hasado (Plaster Craftman)

To be dispatched to USA from October 2013 - November 2013

Shuhei Hasado - Plaster Craftman:Japan Cultural Envoy for FY2013

Yuko Hasegawa (Curator, Professor)

To be dispatched to Britain, Germany, France, Italy and others from March 2014 - June 2014

Masashi Hirao (Bonsai Specialist)

To be dispatched to Lithuania, Australia, Italy, Turkey and others from June 2013 - October 2013

Masashi Hirao -Bonsai Specialist : Japan Cultural Envoys for FY2013

Kaiji Moriyama (Dancer, Choreographer)

To be dispatched to Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore from October 2013 - December 2013

Kaiji Moriyama - Dancer, Choreographer:Japan Cultural Envoy for FY2013

Mirai Moriyama (Actor)

To be dispatched to Belgium, Israel from October 2013 - September 2014

Leonard Eto (Taiko player)

To be dispatched to Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Britain and others from August 2013 - July 2014

Leonard Eto - Taiko player : Japan Cultural Envoy for FY2013

The Japan Cultural Envoy Initiative (Summary)


Since 2003, the Agency for Cultural Affairs has been appointing people committed to cultural activities such as artists, cultural specialists, researchers, and so on, as “Japan Cultural Envoys” for a fixed term. By promoting activities which introduce Japanese culture, the initiative aims to improve Japan’s cultural image and to build and strengthen networks between Japanese and foreign artists and experts.

Summary of Initiative

Activities of a Japan Cultural Envoy will fall under either the category of; (1) International dispatch type (2) Short-term type. The details are summarized below.

(1)International Dispatch Type

  1. Summary of activities
    The artist or cultural specialist living in Japan will stay in one or more country for a fixed term with cooperation from the host organization. The envoy will give lectures and live performances related to Japanese culture.
  2. Term of appointment 
    As a general rule, the term of appointment runs from over one month up until several months (maximum 1 year)
  3. Expenses covered by Agency
    Travel fee, cost of stay (fixed roomaccommodation chargefee and daily allowance), activity expenses (fixed gift allowance with respect to term of stay).

(2) Short-term Cultural EnvoyType (since 2008)

  1. Summary of activities
    Cultural specialists and artist groupsorganizations performing overseas under the International Cultural Exchange Assistance Program implement outreach activities through live demonstrations and performances at local schools and so on.
  2. Expenses covered by Agency
    Fixed expenses to implement local activities.

Results of Initiative

Between 2003 and 2012, a total of 94 people, 2 groups (comprised of 5 people in total) and 20 organizations have been dispatched as cultural envoys to 65 countries. 

Nomination Procedures for Japan Cultural Envoys

The Cultural Envoy receives a recommendation from the Japan Cultural Envoy Initiative Committee, and is appointed by the Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
(※The Japan Cultural Envoy Initiative Committee is a committee established under the Commissioner for the Agency of Cultural Affairs to secure the Initiative’s appropriate and efficient execution. It is comprised of related government organizations, scholars and so on.)

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( Commissioner’s Secretariat for Cultural Affairs, International Affairs Division)