MEXT established a working group in March 2013, headed by the Director-General of the Higher Education Bureau (chief investigator: Tsutomu Kimura, Chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education) on the strategic promotion of exchange between Japanese and foreign students. The working group has summarized an intermediary report on its plan to increase the number of accepting foreign students to help Japan gain from the advancements of other countries.

1.Summary, background

Up until now, MEXT has been developing various policies on accepting foreign students which have focused on the educational aspects of promoting exchange in high quality educational research, and diplomatic aspects of building friendly relations through building opportunities for personal exchanges between students from various countries.
In addition, in order to correspond to the global pressures student must now face, MEXT aims to strengthen its measures to accept foreign students by actively accepting top-level students. Through such measures, MEXT aims to gain from  the advancements of other countries which will ultimately lead to Japan’s further development. Moreover, as the establishment of social foundations which help to build social networks with various countries must eventually benefit the international community, a specific strategy must be developed.
MEXT has, thus, established a working group and has conducted various hearings and meetings between other ministries and related organizations.

2. Contents of Intermediary Report

(1)Basic Concept (2)Main points to be considered upon developing strategy (3)Strategy plan (4) Measures to realize strategy along with points in need of further discussion. 

3.Upcoming Schedule

MEXT will continue to conduct hearings and meetings with other ministries and related organizations and summarize a strategic policy on accepting foreign students.

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