January 14, 2014

In September 2013, MEXT Minister Hakubun Shimomura received appointment as the Minister in charge of preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Upon assuming his new post, Shimomura announced the “Japan Vision 2020”, a strategy which sets 2020 as the target year for the nation to head off to a new growth path by creating measures to revitalize not only Tokyo, but the entire nation through the combined efforts of society as a whole.
MEXT, ahead of other ministries, has summarized MEXT’s “Japan Vision 2020” by incorporating the ideas of MEXT employees and opinions received through discussions with young athletes, artists and researchers.
Young and mid-level MEXT employees have played a central role in summarizing the “Japan Vision 2020”.


Office for Evaluation, Policy Division, Minister’s Secretariat

Director Takuya Saito(ext.2948),Deputy Director Kanae Kurata (ext.2244),Unit Chief Kumiko Kikuchi (ext.3271)
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(Office for Evaluation, Policy Division, Minister’s Secretariat)