August 8, 2014

MEXT established a working group in March 2014 under the direction of the Director General of the Higher Education Bureau, to review how to advance the establishment of sufficient housing for international students studying in Japan to realize the “300,000 International Students Plan” (Head: Yoshihiro Taniguchi, Vice Dean and Specially Appointed Professor of Heian Jogakuin (St. Agnes’) University). The working group has summarized a report as follows.

1. Background, Purpose

  • The acceptance of international students not only contributes to the development of human resources in every country, but advances the understanding of foreign cultures in Japan and promotes mutual exchange between students and teachers. Moreover, it also enriches the learning environment of Japanese students and greatly contributes to the globalization of Japanese universities and other educational institutions.
  • As Japan is called for developing policies to actively accept international students, the working group has conducted expert hearings and reviews to examine how to advance the establishment and management of university housing for students, along with how to utilize International Houses owned by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

2. Contents of Report (Refer to attachment)

Based on review of the necessity of establishing housing for international students and the current housing conditions, the report has outlined the basic concepts and specific measures on how to advance the establishment of housing for international students.

(Higher Education Bureau, Student Support and Exchange Division)