December 22, 2014
Central Council for Education

On December 22, 2014, the Central Council for Education compiled “On Building Flexible and Effective Education Systems Tailored to Children’s Development and the Aspirations/Abilities, etc. of Learners (Report).”

The report proposes strategies that will serve the needs of future generations and expand institutional options by making school systems more flexible and effective in tailoring themselves to children’s development and the aspirations/abilities, etc. of learners.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will diligently take onboard the report’s proposals; and, in addition to swiftly paving the way with the necessary legislation and ordinances, will put its full strength into the promotion of related measures.

Report Outline

  1. The institutionalization, etc. of “Combined Elementary and Junior High School [provisional name]” as a new classification of school type and the institutionalization of combined education for elementary and junior high schools.

  2. In regard to early entrance to university, the establishment of a system in which the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology recognizes educational ability equal to or above that of a high school graduate.

  3. To attend to internationalization, restrictions will be eased on those who have received education overseas by treating 12 to 16 year school course completion qualification requirements for entrance into university or graduate school as equivalent to having completed certain requirements.

  4. As well as making learning that meets certain requirements undertaken in specialized high school courses eligible for recognition of credit in universities, pathways for students that complete such courses will be opened for transfer entrance into university.

For more details, please see Japanese Page.

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(Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau Policy Planning and Coordination Division)