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Part2 Educational Reform Q&A
Q27: There is an elementary school that has been combined with a citizens' public hall near my house.Are there other schools like that?

A:There are a lot of elementary schools thatare combined with citizens' public halls.

There are a lot of schools that have been com-bined with other non-school facilities in addition to public halls,including libraries,lifelong learning centers,gymnasiums and heated pools,music halls,day centers for the aged,and homes for the aged.There are also schools that have converted their surplus classrooms into non-school facilities such as childcare centers and after school children's clubs.As well as being places where children learn and spend time,schools also play an important role as the center of the local community and a place for local people to get together to learn or socialize.Therefore,when schools are built in future,it will be important to promote cooperative fune-tions and coordinated provision with other fa-cilities rather than simply considering the school as a single entity.With this,schools will become core facilities in the community and it will be possible to bro-aden their educational activities by sharing fa-cilities.Further,it will provide opportunities for ex-change between the local people who use the facilities and children.We have also witnessed the recent appearance of schools that have no perimeter fences with grounds that are combined with a neighboring park.With no fences,the inside of the school can be seen from outside.There are also some schools where local people can walk through the school and see the children studyirrg.In future,there will likely be an increase in schools with facilities that are open to the com-munity and which local people can freely visit.

A School Without Fences

A school that local people can walk through and see the children studying(Utase Elementary School,Chiba City)A School Combined with a Citiizens' Public Hall Togamura Elementary and Lower Secondary School,Toyama Prefecture

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