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Part2 Educational Reform Q&A
Q19: Having developed an interest in social welfare in social studies classes at lower secondary school,I went to a social welfare facility and talked to people who work there,which was most beneficial and heightened my interest further.Could we have this kind of opportunity at school to learn from people with practical work experience?

A:There are already schools in which classesare conducted by members of society withknowledge and skills of great benefit to children.

Special arrangements for part-time teachers without teaching certificates and the Special Certificate System are two systems which allow professional people to come to school to teach.Special Arrangements for Part-time Teach-ers Without Teaching Certificates In principle it is necessary for a teacher to have a certificate,but a system was implemented in FY1989 through which,as an exception,classes could be taken on a part-time basis by working people,even if they did not possess such a teaching certificate.

[Subjects which can be taken on under thissystem]
1)Elementary School:Parts of all subjects;club activities
2)Lower and Upper Secondary School:Parts of all subjects;club activities
3)Schools for the Deaf,Blind and Otherwise Disabled:Part of all subjects;club activities
Examples of Specific Class Content

Trends in Special Arrangements for Part-time Teachers

Special Certificate System

Implemented in1989,this is a system in which working professionals are granted a special teaching certificate.This certificate is granted to people who have gained the recommendation of a school principal or similar person and have passed their local board of education's Education Personnel Ex-amination.They must have-in addition to spe-cial knowledge and skills in the relevant sub-ject-the social confidence,necessary enthusi-asm and professionalism to carry out the duties of a teacher.This certificate may only be used in the pre-fecture in which it is issued and is valid for a period of five years or more,but not more than10years,as decided by the prefecture.

[Subjects which can be taken on under thissystem]

1)Elementary School:All subjects

2)Lower Secondary School:All subjects

3)Upper Secondary School:

All subjects
Parts within the sphere of all subjects(Judo,Kendo,Information Technology,Architecture,Interior Design,Informa-tion Processing,Practical Calculation)

4)Schools for the Deaf,Blind and Otherwise Disabled:

Upper Secondary Schools for the Blind:Physical Therapy,Music
Upper Secondary Schools for the Deaf Hairdressing,Special Arts and Crafts
Schools for the Deaf,Blind and Other-wise Disabled:Nursing Training

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